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Mehazaer - Lucifer rehearsal 1992

Mehazaer - Lucifer rehearsal tape 1992
1) Cross of Blood
2) Ripped to Pieces
3) Reckoning Day
4) Fall of Man (cuts!)

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Let's do another Finnish post, inspired by The Nocturnal 'zine I decided to post the '92 rehearsal tape by Oulu's Mehazaer dubbed me last year or so by brother Grev, thank you! Unfortunately his dub was incomplete; the last track cuts and probably quite a lot too unless it was short to begin with. Alas, it appears this tape isn't that easy to come by as I remember seeing Mehazaer hardly ever in tradelists back in the 90's. Of course, that proves nothing about how much it was spread. I think this might be their only release as well, the interview in TNz2 mentions they were going to go to record their debut demo "soon" but no idea if this actually ever happened. They did at least five gigs too and I'm sure someone recorded at least one of them, so that might be a possibility to hear further material. Get in touch if you have a complete version of this or anything else!

My interest in this band back whenever sparked from a mention in some Impaled Nazarene interview, if I remember correctly, and the name was unusual enough to stick to mind. Funny how long it took for me to actually hear them. Yet again. So, was it worth the roughly twenty years wait? Not really to be honest. Five, ten years maybe. This is a rehearsal tape with pretty muddy sound, some hiss and it favours the right channel quite notably which is a bit distracting when listening with headphones (my default mode). It's not really too bad though, I should not complain when I listen to much worse sounds without blinking an eye. Music is pretty much just plain old death metal here but I suppose I can call it black/death metal since they did consider themselves a black metal metal band. The tempo ranges from mid to faster pace and it's mostly quite fluently flowing stuff without too many tricks and gimmicks to distract and bother grumpy folks such as myself. I would still want to hear the full version and the "Madaritza torezodu" demo if it ever got recorded or, well, anything anyone might have since I still find myself oddly fascinated with the band. Recommended for those who enjoy delving into the old catacombs of Finnish underground, Oulu-enthusiasts, old death metal fans or fans of old death metal and naturally those who got curious reading TNz2.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I'm really surprised to see this. I had just saw the interview and added it to my wantlist. You wouldn't happen to have the Vanishing Beauty demo Apocryphal reviewed? They made it seem so bad that I want to hear it, hah.

As for this tape, I wonder why they called it black metal? This is the kind of death metal I can get behind, though. I hope more can be unearthed some day.

Thanks to you and Grev, as usual!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've had this for a while already but waited for a right moment to post it, plus hoped to come across a complete version. Still waiting for that but time seemed right. Glad it worked as intended!

Sadly I don't have the mysterious and possibly abominable Vanishing Beauty demo and I don't remember seeing it pretty much anywhere... then again the name is of the sort I might've just passed by without stopping. I want to hear it too and exactly for the same reason as you do. Funny how those reviews sometimes work. You probably noted but they do bash most tapes there.

GREV kirjoitti...

@anon & Velkaarn.

I have Vanishing Beauty demo. So, I'll find it from my tape archives. Unfortunately I don't have cover scans :(

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the info! I believe this time the "value" is in the music though of course covers would be great.