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...and Oceans - Mare Liberum demo 1997

...And Oceans - Mare Liberum demo II 1997
1) Trollfan
2) September (När hjärtat blöder)
3) Uråldrig saga och sång
4) Som öppna böcker

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

Tapping into the vaults again and among old bones, cobwebs and dust we unearth another of master Sorvali's sendings from almost two years ago, this is the second demo of Vaasa's ...and Oceans who'd later change name to Havoc Unit. And yes, I know this demo is not exactly hard to come by, which is the reason I didn't post it among the original patch of contributions late '14 / early '15. I decided to feature it anyway since Henu went through the trouble and it also came out rather well, which is not the case with some of the older rips I've encountered. Cover scan is enclosed.

If you've not encountered ...and Oceans before you should know they got more and more experimental as time went on, adding machines, gadgets, contraptions and appliances, sound clips, samples, snippets... well I guess you get where I'm aiming at. Anyways, in the old days they played pretty straight up melo/sympho black metal, or "black metal" as subject matter does not quite make the cut, let's just say dark metal, not atypical to the sound of the times. The most notable detail was probably their use of Swedish for lyrics, which wasn't very common around then. All four tracks were re-recorded for the debut album which I'm not in the mood to dig up for comparisons right now. Let's make it to the end quickly, sound is good, studio level and everything proficient enough. I remember this got mostly quite positive reviews back in the day, the detractors mainly thinking it was too mellow or Dimmu-clone or something like that. No wonder they got a deal after this. It's okay, but as mentioned I'm not in this sort of mood now. Recommended if you like the 90's symphonic/melodic stuff.

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