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Nocturnal Evil - Altar of Sodomy demo 2004

Nocturnal Evil - Altar of Sodomy demo #3 2004
1) Intro - Procreation of Evil
2) Black Apocalypse
3) Altar of Sodomy
4) Outro - Unholy Worship
5) Penetrator Hammer (Beherit cover)

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Another "modern" release today (post-2000) though it sounds very much like Beherit circa '90 which I suppose is the point too. This is Argentina's Nocturnal Evil and the third demo from '04, limited to 66 copies like they all seemed to have been. It's not ripped from an original tape but from a dub I got from a trader with copy of the cover which I scanned, thanks for that!

Intro, outro, two original (well, not really original to be honest) tracks and a Beherit cover, all on the short side so the total running time is around eight minutes. As the band name and cover track give away, this is pretty much a "tribute" band in similar way Finnish Black Feast was. Sound is slightly muffled, a little distant and fuzzy as if recorded with a soft, fluffy towel wrapped around the... whatever was used to record this, let's say microphone. Every element however is easily and clearly distinguishable from one another and the whisper/growl-hybrid vocals are readily audible though indecipherable. On paper it has all the elements necessary for me to like this but I don't seem to feel very enthusiastic about it. Kinda good Beherit-worship, grab it if you've fondness for such and generally neo-old school bestial stuff à la NWN!/Iron Bonehead/similar operators. When out vynil?!

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