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Blackthorn - The Black Vision of Northern Kingdom promo '94

Blackthorn - The Black Vision of Northern Kingdom promo I 1994
1) Winds
2) In Moonlight
3) Gate to the Stars
4) Gloomy Forest of Sadness

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Polish black metal. This is the Blackthorn I was referring to in the Chors post here. We discussed the connections already in that post so I am not going to delve deeper into the mire. Sent by LKS around the same time as the Chors demo, thank you again! Cover image borrowed from the Metal Archives and as usual, full scans would be very welcome.

Old Polish TTF black metal made by two men, I suppose you know what to expect? Raw and crude, yet melodic and atmospheric stuff with obvious influences from their peers and the Norse senpais (read: Vikernes). Sound is a little on the thin side but fits this better than a "good" production would. It's a bit odd, unusual thing really if you consider there is only one "proper" track, the longest of the bunch In Moonlight. First track is an intro with the omnipresent winds sounds, third is a shortish instrumental and last one dungeon synth/outro. I find it more fascinating now than on previous listen a few months ago and recommend it heartily. That is all for now.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Could this be the most lo-fi recording ever posted on the mighty Coven? Great stuff, it could qualify as drone, like a very early precursor to Sunn0))). Something about the "small" sounding production helps it me--it sounds like it's coming through a very small portal, which forces your attention. Probably not intended by the makers, but who knows.

Hearty thanks to LKS and our host.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Not probably the one but might be close. I seem to enjoy this more as I return to it. There is some more from the same source still coming up so be aware.

As an aside, it looks my stats are still falling as I seem to be unable to sew a few patches anymore on my own. If the blog dies without updates, assume I've been taken into custody with dementia.

Rhun kirjoitti...

The production is indeed amusingly bad. Definitely sounds like the small portal kingpossum describes. I enjoy how, in instrumental sections, the only sounds you can hear in the center of the audio is the tinny cymbals and tape hiss, with everything else relegated to my right ear.

I do have one request for you, Velkaarn. Do you have Flauros's "Chapter II" demo on hand? The only copy I have is a 128-bitrate MP3 rip floating around on the internet.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Wait till you hear some more Blackthorn... wait, it wasn't any worse than this, was it? Well, back to that later.

"Chapter II" huh? Never did one as it used to be quite easy to find and I think I had a pretty decent rip too. Let's see if I can find it! If not, I suppose I could rip my copy of the tape but I seem remember it had gotten slighly wonky (oh how I hate cassettes!!!). That'll take a while as I'm leaving to Steelfest for the weekend so probably early next week or so.