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Nema - Unreleased Track '96

Nema - Unreleased rehearsal track 1996
1) Nur das Blut erinnert an ein trauriges Zeit

Yandex / RGhost

Alright, I decided to start today a new feature which I'm going to call "Wednesday One-shots" ...or not, I might change my mind and just bury it eventually, but the idea is to do here all these various odds and ends consisting of single songs, be they promo tapes, rehearsals, unreleased or compilation tracks, whatever as long as it's a one track of content. To kick it off, here's a long delayed piece by Germany's Nema, notorious for their very uneven quality of output and an unreleased rehearsal song from 1996. Obviously no cover here.

I got this from a tape trader back in '96 or so and wasn't sure about the title, what I got was Nur das Blut erinnert an ein trauriges Bein which doesn't really make much sense unless it's some sort of saying in which case I was wrong to change it to what you see above, Nur das Blut erinnert an ein trauriges Zeit. That makes more sense and I'm pretty certain he says "Zeit" in the beginning there. Please correct me if you know better!

Yeah, the music. Quite good rehearsal sound, first part of the song is mainly slower midtempo and second part fast. Sounds raw and is somewhat dominated by the vocals which express a certain sense of anguish rather than wrath for example. Later Nema is generally quite good and so is this, not as good as "Way of Salvation" from the split but good nevertheless. Almost five minutes, perhaps intended for a split EP again but never quite finished? Recommended for those into old German demo/rehearsal black metal, obviously.

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