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Black Blood - Blasphemy Reigns in Thy Night demo 2002

Black Blood - Blasphemy Reigns in Thy Night demo 2002
1) Howling with Wolves
2) Devotee of Darkness
3) As the Winter Came
4) Blasphemy Reigns in Thy Night
5) Black Metal Trend Killer
6) In the Chambers of Evil Tyrant

Zippyshare / Mega

Why not raid another sarcophagus while we're in the crypt of elder contributions? Next post will be a more esoteric and unique lost relic again, but for now here is the only demo of the Finnish black metal band Black Blood who were active in the beginning of the 21st century, rip & scan courtesy of unholydeath. Thank you!

Six songs of textbook raw underground black metal of Finnish standard as set by the likes of Horna and Warloghe. Well, actually intro, four songs and an outro, roughly half an hour running time. Pretty good sound, semi-thick buzz'n'fuzz with guitar narrowly being the dominant element for change, though the percussions and vocals are not by any means subdued. Bass however remains more theoretical a presence. Very pure in the sense of there being little extra frills present (read: none), just foul black metal rasps and gasps for voice and traditional instrumentation performed by two men. Tempo varies from aggressive upbeat bruising to dreary midspeed passages. Nothing new or original certainly, but slightly above average pure black metal, even if the main songs feel long-winded. Recommended for fans of Finnish black metal.

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