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Tormentor (hol) - Return To Nemeton demo 1992

Tormentor (Nederlands) - Return to Nemeton demo 1992
Sounds of Nemeton (Intro)
2) Reborn Alive
3) Return to Nemeton
4) Gruesome Malversation
5) Godforsaken Misery
6) Invasion


If you came to Asmodian Coven looking for a long-lost demo by Attila & co's Tormentor* you can move along, this is the Dutch Tormentor who played death metal. Not bad death metal either, at least on this 4th demo. I'm curious to hear the earlier demos so leave a note if you've seen 'em. Or have them. I think they started out as thrash (like the other 400 - 500 bands called Tormentor in the 80s did) but as I haven't heard the older material I can't tell.

Back to this one, intro + 5 songs of death metal, a little muffled demo sound quality but not bad at all. My unknown generation dub was hissy like a teenage catgirl with PMS but I think I managed to clean it up without screwing up the overall sound. I got this by tape trading so no cover but luckily MA had a toleratable one up for change so that's what's I use. Without further ado, feel free to check it out.

* Not that I wouldn't like 'em, there just isn't anything from them that wouldn't have gotten released by now.

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Here are some of their demos (along with the one posted by you):

Enjoy listening!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thank you comrade The Deceased! If the rip provided on your link is better than mine, I'll kill this one. This is the sort of feedback I need and appreciate, thanks!