tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2009

Morningstar - Alcoholive 1993

Morningstar - Alcoholive 1993 Live tape 1996
Goddess Of Witchcraft
2) Power In My Pagan Heart
3) Vampire
4) Before The Dawn


This is an extremely limited cassette release from 1996, released by Ari "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen and featuring a live show (it's probably just these songs) from 1993. It is a good quality live from one of the original Finnish early 2nd wave black metal bands in their early stages. They quickly moved into what would be called pagan heavy metal and then eventually proceeded into basic heavy metal expression. All songs are from their 2nd demo "Inside the Circle of the Pentagram" from 1993.

A few more words need to be written as this was kind of an "official bootleg" as the cover scan mentions, I'm not sure if Honkonen counts this among the official Morningstar discography or prefers to keep it out of it. And I had an original copy in case you wondered. Recommended for Morningstar fans, those into old black metal and collectors.

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