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Paradise Lost - Live in Helsinki, FIN 27.10.1993

Paradise Lost - Live at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki Finland 27th October 1993
2) Mortals Watch the Day
3) Widow
4) Eternal
5) As I Die
6) Pity the Sadness


Live recording from Helsinki again, different year, venue and band though - and fortunately better result overall. This person manages to shut the fuck up while recording the gig, the sound quality is good and so are setlist and performance. There's always a catch and this time it's that this seems to be an incomplete recording. Appears to me the person had to go to toilet or get beer or who knows what near the end. Don't know what's missing but I'm sure they played more than six songs, so if someone knows what was played between "As I Die" and "Pity the Sadness" leave a comment. Even better if someone has a complete recording.

Oh yes, it is Paradise Lost, I used to like them circa Gothic/Shades of God and this would be still in their gothic metal phase before they turned completely into girly listening. I promise I'll post some black metal next time I do a live, in case someone wondered if this is turning completely casual easy listening fag blog.

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