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Usva - Seitsemät Siivet demo 1999

Usva - Seitsemät Siivet demo 1999
Seitsemät Siivet
2) Syysmyrskyt
3) Vaults Of Sin
4) From Another Dimension
5) Yön Sylissä

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I took a look at a bunch of old CD-R's burned for me by my friend 10 years (and more) ago and noticed that one of them had this demo on it. I then realised I'd never heard or read much of this band and decided to rip it just for the heck of it. I don't know where he got this back in the day but according to Metal Archives, who are also the source for the sorry image of the cover you see below, this was released on tape and apparently was the band's sole release using this name.

Whatever the band's story might be, this is a demo with good studio sound, 5 tracks of melodic dark metal (I refuse to call 'em black metal even though the demo cover sports a pentagram) which isn't bad. Try it.

UPDATE: I recently got another rip of this from master Henri Sorvali, thanks again, at higher bitrate (320) made directly from a tape and including cover scans. That's the link up there that says "New rip" - click it. Do it now.
The old, actually slightly better rip is gone. Someone decided to report it to 4share four years after initial uploading and I'm not going to bother reupping it. It's not worth the hassle. 

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Borderline kirjoitti...

Hey. That rip I posted wasn't yours. I found it on Soulseek or private hubs, I don't remember now, it looked interesting. And it is 192kbps - I see now you posted it in 224. Will you reupload it in the future in 320 or should I replace my link with your 224kbps files?

I like this, it's okayish,vocals are a bit annoying but music is very nice.
I still can't clearly see this limit between Dark Metal and Melodic Black, because to me it does sound like very melodic Black. But then again, I really haven't listened to many Dark Metal bands.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well I think I'll send you a link to Henu's rip right away, I've not yet decided if I just update this with it or repost but no reason for you to wait till I make up my mind.

Borderline kirjoitti...

You'll probably want to know - there are some sound problems on few places in first track (only in this track). You know, usual only-one-speaker stuff. So for now, previous rip still sounds better.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Damn, how didn't I notice that when I listened through it the other day? Shows how sloppy you can get when you take a bit too much in at one time.

Fridtjof Bjarturson kirjoitti...

Oh man would it be so beautiful to be able to find this laying around on the internet. I would just LOVE to be able to buy this tape :(

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Good luck with that, you know this one of those tapes I've never actually seen a copy of! I got the original rip from a friend of mine who had gotten a rip from someone else some time around '00 - '01 and I don't remember seeing their name much anywhere when they released this. Then again I wasn't that active at that time either. I could ask Henri if he's interested in selling his tape if you really must have it, but judging from the sound issue on the rip he sent it's not in perfect condition.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Broken link! Hope gets fixed.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I've decided to restore both links as I found the old rip too.