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Tunrida - Eternal Twilight demo 1996

Tunrida - Eternal Twilight demo I 1996
Eternal Twilight
2) In Satans Embrace
3) Scandinavian Female Devil
4) War Declaration

See also their Mikseri page

As you might remember, I uploaded the 2nd Tunrida demo "Astral Majesty" some time ago. I ripped also this debut at the same time but wasn't too excited about uploading it after I learned of their Mikseri page (see above). But since I had already ripped this I decided to upload anyway. Includes scan of the covers too.

What about the content? Finnish black metal, pretty much in the same vein as the 2nd demo but more raw and generally not as good. Good enough to impress me & my friends back in 1996 even if it didn't age that well. As didn't the tape, there's a few places where the tape's wear & tear is audible, unfortunate but unavoidable. Try the Mikseri versions if it bothers.

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Grk! kirjoitti...

Thanks for this one.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

thx man......rare stuff!!!!