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Rotting Christ - Live at Black Metal Mass III, Rotterdam 18.12.93

Rotting Christ - Live at Black Metal Mass III, Rotterdam NL 18th December 1993
2) The Sign of Evil Existence
3) Transform All Suffering into Plagues
4) The Mystical Meeting
5) Inside the Eye of Algond
6) Fgmenth, Thy Gift
7) Visions of the Dead Lovers
8) His Sleeping Majesty
9) The Forest of N'Gai


Live tape again, but as promised it's black metal and pretty damn classic stuff too. Rotting Christ should not need any introductions and this show was recorded right in the middle of their "golden era" so to speak. Though I like 21st century Rotting Christ too, the later part of the 90s was not so great. Back to the item at hand, this show has an excellent setlist and a raw yet clear enough sound. Of course it's not something like an official live album would have, but very good by bootleg tape standards. Being pretty much a fanboy I can't really write very objectively, so I'll give up and just recommend you to download it.

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Zion Crossover kirjoitti...

Pls reupload this diamond!!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Zion Crossover:

Sure, doing that right now!