maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2010

Cabala - Extracting The Knowledge demo 1994

Cabala - Extracting the Knowledge demo 1994
Extracting the Knowledge
2) Forgotten Past
3) Sacrificial Summoning


Ok it's about time I resume posting and upload something. We start this year with death metal from the United Kingdom, this seems to be a quite hard to find demo and I was unable to find a cover image or even a band picture or logo for this post. I got this from one of my tape traders and the dub was okayish at best. However the rip is listenable, try it if you like dark death metal. It's not very brutal, more atmospheric and occult I'd say. That's enough, onto the next item.

EDIT: I noticed just a minute ago raf666 had uploaded both the Cabala demos to his blog! However, they have a low bitrate. But check that out for the other demo!
EDIT2: Another thing I noticed was that the MediaFire link was wrong, lead to the Balam download... you should tell me these things so I'd fix 'em quicker you know. Now it's ok.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

great demo

do you have any of this?

Apotheosis (Ger) - Beyond the Grave - 1994

Earthcorpse - Mephitis - 1992

the marble icon (swe)


Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I have 1st demo of The Marble Icon, I'll upload that for you later, might actually have a rip of the 2nd one somewhere too.

Apotheosis sounds vaguely familiar, I'll see if I've it, Earthcorpse is not familiar.

raf666 kirjoitti...

Thanx a lot for Cabala demo in higher bitrate. I once time rip their demos from Myspace - 56 kbps.
This is very good and unfortunately forgotten band.