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Impaled Nazarene - Live in Paltamo 1992

Impaled Nazarene - Live in Paltamo, Finland 14th November 1992
Goat Perversion
2) Sadogoat / After the Perversion
3) Conned Thru Life
4) In the Name of Satan / I Al Purg Vonpo
5) The Crucified
6) Hoath - Darbs Lucifero
7) Mortification Blood Red Razor Blade


Here is another Impaled Nazarene gig from 1992 and a little different set as you notice. Sadogoat 7" was the upcoming item back then and coincidentally the B-side of the (much) later Satanic Masowhore 7", Extreme Noise Terror's "Conned Thru Life" is also played, though this is just a cover version (with some Finnish thrown in) instead of "Diabolic Penis Mix". That was one crappy B-side of a way too short EP. Anyways, very short gig again and entertaining as ever, Luttinen really despised the location/-ls and doesn't hesitate to show it. Amusingly the feeling seems to be mutual, probably due the high quality speeches he gives. Personally I was delighted with "Hoath - Darbs Lucifero" being in the set as well as "Mortification..." which here is a "special" version. Just wait till the later part. Though it's in Finnish which might diminish the value.

This time the show seems to be right from the beginning with the starting screams of "Goat Perversion" hitting the ears. The sound quality is as good as you dare to expect from an old recording like this, slightly less clear than the previous I.N. live I posted little while ago. The leads vocals are rather dominant but you can definitely make out everything the band plays, as well as the support vocals. I'm pretty certain this is also originally a video recording. Recommended, like the other one was! Continue listening with the "Live in the Name of Satan" bootleg which features two gigs from 1993 or early 1994, found for example here.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks. Always great to hear old IN gig!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome & I agree! I wish I had that bootleg tape posted on the comments of the other IN gig.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Some of the speeches are rather hilarious. I guess the audience didn't impress the band too much :D "Painukaa lypsykoneidenne ääreen, saatana!"

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Some of the speeches are rather amusing. I guess the audience didn't really impress the band :D "Painukaa lypsykoneidenne ääreen, saatana!"

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, they're a lot of fun (if one understands Finnish) and a big part of why I like to have lives in full instead of edited to just tracks themselves.

Got that bootleg compilation too, by the way.

Invidia kirjoitti...

this link is unfortuanly dead, is a re-upload possible?
this record isn't part of the compilation of live-records you also posted.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Sure, I've reuploaded it now. Will do Absu next.