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Funerary Bell - Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks promo 2007

Funerary Bell - Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks promo 2007
Funerary Bell
2) Resurrection
3) XehXheX
- - -
Guardian of My Infernal Path (Bonus Track)


Here's a post that's highly unusual to this blog... not as per the content but the fact it's as recent as 2007! Well what can I say, I'm very much into the old schoolish black metal of Finland's Funerary Bell and as I'm in touch with the Invoker (aka Profundiis) who gave his ok to post this tape I decided to go ahead as I think the band deserves more attention. Now that's been covered I might as well mention this is a rip from the tape I got from the band, dubbed with a bonus track which obviously isn't officially part of the promo but recorded soon afterwards. Cover scans included.

This is a pretty short tape, especially the Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks proper which consists of an intro and two tracks at about 9½ minutes. A word of warning: excluding the intro, the tape is instrumental and unlike later FB material this is only Invoker of the Shadows (on this tape Profundiis) by himself and with a drum machine. Personally I've no problem with this as the songs work for me very well without vocals and the drum machine isn't that distracting. Some might disagree, of course. The bonus track is a band rehearsal, not one man only. The tracks were later included, re-worked and re-titled, on the split with Blood Red Fog. Check out that too and the debut album "The Coven" released on Undercover Rex. Recommended!

PS: I have some more unreleased Funerary Bell material which I might post as well later.

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Thanks for this jewel bro!

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You're welcome, I enjoy it very much myself!