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A 1000 Years... #1

A 1000 Years... of Lost Pride and Dignity, issue 1 (1993-94)
Rotting Christ
Ancient Rites
"Viktig melding til alle nordmenn"
Shadow Dancers
"Stave Churches"
"The Trends Exposed At Last!!"
Carpathian Forest
Edvard Grieg
+reviews, flyers & so on

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Another contributed item today, sent to me by one of my readers, nada88pe from Perú and originally scanned and posted on NWN! forum by S.Charlach from Germany so thanks to them for this 'zine! Please note that the file is in .pdf-format. I am reposting this here as comrade Kurgan was looking for it and I believe it would interest several other readers as well. Personally, I've been wanting to see it since seeing flyers for it but never got around to order it. The scans are not of very good quality. but there's nothing I can do about it - it also appears the 'zine itself wasn't printed (or copied) in too good quality to start with. Should be readable enough.

After reading through it, I have to be blunt and say I didn't miss much by not ordering it back then as it's not really that good a fanzine. For starters, there's much less content than I believed there would be, as you see there are only seven interviews, some of which are very short and also very dated for a 'zine released in early 1994. Some... well most of the articles end up being waste of space, worst offenders being the "Trends..." rant, Manowar article and the shallow look at Norwegian timber... oops Stave churches. I'm not 100% now if I'm mixing up this with another 'zine but I think the flyer mentioned also an interview with Vlad Tepes which certainly isn't here... is this complete then or am I thinking about another Norwegian 'zine? Despite my negative words, it's a worthwhile read and occasionally entertains too. I'm just glad I didn't invest my little money in this back in the day. My experience so far shows most Norwegian 'zines fare rather poorly compared to other countries, with the exception of Ornament and some of the Slayer and Imhotep issues. Anyways, definitely recommended to read or at least leaf through... or whatever it is you do with a reader.

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Thank you very much Velkaarn! Appreciated. The good times just keep rolling )))

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You're welcome, hope you enjoy reading this!