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Blutorden - Blutorden demo 1997

Blutorden - Blutorden demo 1997
1) Intro
2) Nazistic Vampyr
3) In the Ruins of Wewelsburg
4) The First Ritual - Entering the Order

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I made it back alive once again. For a few posts, let's do contributions shall we not? Well, they'll be done in any case so don't think it's a poll or anything. Starting off, recently brother unholydeath sent me rips of a couple of his tapes and this is the first of them, the one-off side-project of the French classick Osculum Infame. I know there are other rips of this in the net but at least one has an incorrect tracklisting. This doesn't. A cover scan enclosed, too. Thanks, ud!

Blutorden differs from Osculum Infame by being more clearly ns (while stating they're not a political band on the covers) and musically being slightly more straight forward and violent. Drum machine spews cover fire in the background while echoing, drawn out vocals and oddly murky yet clearly audible strings dominate the front line. So despite the general murkiness the sound is good for such raw black metal. The cover lists two people responsible for bass guitars so it appears they've taken the Necromantia approach, which would explain how the first track sounds. Other being distroted and the second not is more apparent on the 2nd track (ok third if you count the intro) "In the Ruins...). Last track is a longer one and slightly slower too. Nice stuff, definitely worth checking out if you're not too worried about the ns matter. Or even then too.

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