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Enochian Key - Rehearsal 03.05.1995

Enochian Key - Rehearsal 3rd May 1995
1) The Revival of the Shadows
2) Return of the Pagan Mesopotamia


Another rehearsal tape today and this one is possibly an unfamiliar name to many. Enochian Key was a short lived Israeli black metal band who released only one cassette EP during their run, though there were two rehearsal tapes also circulating the tape trading scene. Well, that is two as far as I know and this is one of them. No covers made (I think) as this was again a thing dubbed to some people and then spread around.

The recording sounds acceptable, it is a rehearsal tape after all so don't expect much. The sound is pretty clear and most things are audible though the drums are too much on top and together with the keyboards they drown out the guitars pretty much. The guitar sound itself could be better. Vocals are quite typical raspy gargling, not very memorable nor offensive either. Musically this is melodic and the songwriting and the keyboard presence bring older Cradle Of Filth strongly to mind, with the atmospheric breaks and all. Not bad but I prefer the cassette EP myself (which also features the second track). Worth checking out if you enjoy this sort of music, happen to be their fan and of course for the historical value.

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