lauantai 8. joulukuuta 2012

Stregoica #3

Stregoica 'zine, issue 3 (1991-92)
God Macabre
Excruciate (swe)
Sepulchral (fra)
Impaled Nazarene
Master's Hammer
Death SS
Vital Remains
Misery (swi)
Necrotomy 'zine
Catacomb (fra)
Occult (fra)
God Dethroned
Shub Niggurath
Disastrous Murmur
Tormentor (hun)
Putrid (fin)
Deadly Dislocated
Visceral Evisceration
Putrid Offal
Burial Vault
Sorcery (swe)
+articles, bios, gig and scene reports, reviews


I'm off to Prague for a couple of days so I thought I'd leave you with something to kill time with until my unforeseeable return. This is a 'zine for change and one I scanned at yet another fit of insanity. Third issue of the classic French Stregoica 'zine, starting to move from death metal to black metal, though most of this issue is still death metal - like most of the bands around 1991 were. The interviews are in the death metal 'zine way, so many of them include odd and humorous questions - the seriousness hadn't yet settled in the authors, though they certainly were very dedicated into the underground. Most of the interviews are quite compact (=short). The bios and articles include bios sent by bands/labels as well as ones written by the editors, including for example Awakening, Sentenced, Eternal Darkness, Acheron & Sadist. Other sort of articles include "Thoughts of a Neutral Mind" where the guys interviewed people not into death metal about it and "Into the Pandemonium" which details some well-known demons. Also included are tons of old flyers, cool pics and archaic forms of well-known logos. A nostalgic read, especially for people into metal of death but recommended for other readers as well.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks and enjoy your trip to the city of 1000 spires. I noticed you haven't used Narod lately but FYI it worked fine for me.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, made it back in one piece and certainly enjoyed the trip. Though I think I don't want to even see beer for a few days.

I've been using the three fileshares more or less evenly as of late, Narod works well but has the issue of limited storage time.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I am experiencing a little problem with Depositfiles. I have been trying to download the zine for 5 days, but Depositfiles keeps giving me the message that my IP has exceeded the allowed download limit. This is very strange because I hardly ever use Depositfiles at all. Can anyone give an advice how to go around this obstacle? Thank you.

On a different topic, since you are discussing "Narod" file sharing capacities, may I recommend another Russian portal? "ifolder" is the name. It is much more reliable than "Narod" and does not have issues with timing, at least in my experience.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

I'll have a Staropramen in your honor.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Please do, I'll stick to other drinks for a few days more!

Don't know about that, can't recreate the issue but of course I am registered with Depositfiles (though not a paying member) so I think it works a little different anyhow. I'll mail you a temporary link, I'm not going to do a mirror here if there aren't many people with issues.