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Mightiest / Depressive Silence - Split Demo 1995

Mightiest / Depressive Silence - The Recreation of the Shadowlands / Depressive Silence split demo 1995
1) The Enfold Shadows of Mighty Gates
2) My Time to Come
3) Silence
4) Lord of Darkness
5) Eternal Past
6) Depression
Depressive Silence:
7) Medieval Demons
8) Dark Side
9) Düsterwald


I think it is time to post some German material again and we start with another split release and like the previous one of this nature (the EP here) this treads the line whether it's appropriate to be uploaded here in the Coven or not. You see, part of this has been re-released on CD the other year and the Depressive Silence material has been floating around the inter nets for some time already (though at low bitrate and possibly mistitled, at least one rip has track 3 as 1st). Then I thought, what the hell, a proper rip of this tape is necessary. So here we have Mightiest and Depressive Silence who should be familiar to the readers, or at least those into dungeon synth, both from Germany and at this point sharing members. Ripped from an original copy and includes scan of the xerox cover. Which doesn't really look like the image above, I just combined both bands' covers to one.

Mightiest on side A performs on this recording atmospheric yet raw sounding black metal and this is their best release in my opinion. The sound is of demo quality with buzzing guitars dominant and distant, cold feel to it overall. It is not crystal clear but certainly more audible than various Moonblood tapes for example. The main vocals are echoing screams, bass non-existent and drums definitely there but taking the back seat. Elements like synths and female vocals are used but quite tastefully, the guitars being the main focus. Ok, some of the tracks have a lot of keyboards but it's still more like "S/T" than "In the Nightside Eclipse". There are two pure synth tracks Silence and Depression which were not included on the compilation "Bloodyssey 1994-2003" released by Cyclonic Empire, shame on them. Both of them are quite long, over four minutes, so it doesn't feel right to consider them as merely an interlude and an outro. Rather they're fully fledged dungeon synth pieces. I must say I really enjoy Mightiest's part and recommend it to people into atmospheric black metal or with a general interest in the 90's German bm scene.

Depressive Silence on side B has only three tracks but these have a combined duration of over 33 minutes, beating Mightiest's half an hour with half the songs. I am not 100% sure of the track division but this is how it seemed to me, the first one is an epic length multi-part one at 16+ minutes and the two others clock 8+ minutes each. But it is better to listen to this as a whole anyways, is it not? I'm not going to waste time typing more, this is awesome and if you enjoy dungeon synth you should be listening to this already.

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Andrew kirjoitti...

This is awesome, thanks a lot!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I hesitated a bit before posting this, like I mention on the post, but I think it was definitely worthwhile to post, not just for the sake of completing the DS discography but also to have the synth tracks left off of the Mightiest 2-CD compilation available.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Mos def a worthwhile post...better than worthwhile. Great to hear the Mightiest synth tracks, and the styles of the bands complement each other to my ear.

Too often the bands on splits just sound like each other. Not the case here.

Thank you, V.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, this is one of my favourite splits from the era!

GREV kirjoitti...

Thanks Velkaarn from this mighty rip! I bought this split, when I was addicted to get some unknown demos and I like it very much! Both bands is very enjoyable!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


That's right, it's an excellent tape! Have you heard any of the later Mightiest material? I have to say I was quite dissappointed with the other recordings when I listened to the "Bloodyssey" compilation.

Samuel Baldwin kirjoitti...

This split was my introduction to dungeon synth, quite a strong release in my opinion. Many things for posting!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Samuel Baldwin:

Thanks for your comment! And yes indeed, it's a great tape, Mightiest is good here too.

Rhun kirjoitti...

Not sure if you're still active, but do you recommend picking up the Mightiest "Bloodyssey" compilation? I sampled the few songs off it available on YouTube and thought they sounded pretty good, but not great. But I am curious to hear the version of "Follow Me" on there, since I've only ever heard the rehearsal version you've uploaded and which I really enjoy for some reason, despite the crappy sound and really sloppy drumming.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Apologies for the late reply, the hiatus went on longer than I expected. Anyways, it's an okay compilation which could sure be better. Later Mightiest isn't unfortunately as good as earlier to my ears. I have it and can rip it for you to check out if you wish to hear before grabbing a copy? Send me an email if you do.