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Depressive Silence - Depressive Silence 7"EP 1997

Depressive Silence - Depressive Silence 7"EP 1997
1) Lost in My Dreams
2) Dark Soul

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And now a natural continuation to the previous post and I dare say an anticipated one. Some of you might remember how I've promised to rip and upload the final work of Depressive Silence, the 1997 EP, once I'd A) find the tape where I have it dubbed or B) manage to take it with me to an associate with a vinyl player and rip it. Well, I'm happy to finally post the long-sought EP even if neither A) nor B) came to happen yet, instead I was contacted by comrade LZV who also owns the 7" and offered to help us. He sent me a rip of his copy for which I'm grateful, and I took my copy and scanned the covers, insert and even the vinyl (didn't take it out of the plastic though). So, thanks LZV, I'm glad to have this one up at last!

This is ripped directly from his vinyl which he said might need cleaning. Well, there's a little snap-crackle-pop going on but this is expected of vinyl is it not? Unfortunately he ripped this at low bitrate (128) but this isn't really affecting the end result that much in this case. Both tracks on the EP are quite long, over 7 minutes and side A starts quite noisy, even threatening before moving into the ambient/dungeon synth sounds with keyboards that sound almost like they were carried by winds through forgotten mountain valleys, past the crumbling towers of a ruined yet still menacing castle, echoing around the empty courtyard where only shadows reside. Reminds me a little of Lamentation, actually. Side B surprised me too as I had forgotten how completely different it is - it starts with something that sounds suspiciously like gothic rock with odd distorted vocals over it! An electric guitar joins soon to give it a more metallic edge, but this is sure unexpected in the light of the other material. Though some guitars and raw vocals were already used on the second demo, this is pretty much a complete track in "metal" category, sounding as it proceeds a little like a crossover between gothic and a Summoning (mid-phase) track. I'm not sure what more to say about this, better have a listen for yourself. With this EP posted the Depressive Silence saga ends (as far as we know).

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Andrew kirjoitti...

Wow, so is the person behind Depressive Silence the same one behind Gothmog? Lost in my Dreams, though reworked, obviously has some of the same riffs as the track on Medival Journeys. Anyways, this is pretty cool, thanks.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


DS is a bit hard to follow, in the beginning it was RAL (from Mightiest & Gothmog) and B.S. doing it. At some point RAL left DS to concentrate on Mightiest and started Gothmog, but then on the very last release is a track that's on the Gothmog demo too? I can't remember for the life of me if he had written or co-written it and thus both ended up using it or what actually was the case.

GREV kirjoitti...

Thanks for this one Velkaarn! I was looking for it!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

A thousand thanks and infernal bessings to you, for sharing this rare stuff! Depressive Silence is like the perfect sountrack for an old-school Dungeons&Dragons campaign...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for yourr comment and I agree! Be sure to check out the Gothmog demo too.