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Desaster - Lost in the Ages demo 1994

Desaster - Lost in the Ages demo II 1994
1) Hymn to Forgotten Lands
2) In a Winter Battle
3) Tears of an Old Wizard
4) Lost in the Ages
5) As the Deadworld Calls
6) Leaving the Hall of Kings

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Still more Germans, though now back to metal. Desaster is one of the oldest 2nd wave black metal bands of Deutschland, being formed in 1988. That's pre-2nd wave, actually. Well, anyways, they are still (very) active to the date, having released an album which I yet have to hear this year. I ripped this demo from a dub I got from one of my traders, so not unfortunately from an original tape. No scans either, I've included a few pics borrowed from Discogs, Demo Archives & Metal Archives. Proper scan would be welcome.

The sound quality is pretty good, I recall they recorded this in a studio, or at least with more than four tracks. Not that it'd matter that much to me, raw is good and less is more. It is still a bit rough like a demo should be, but all instruments are very audible, including the bass, and quite well balanced. There is a little tape wear audible but not enough to be a problem. Musically around this time Desaster was still clearly black metal, not black/thrash, but the influence of the great old ones is very audible in their sound, without directly copying anyone. Don't get me wrong, I definitely like later Desaster very much but I prefer the attitude on these earlier works - less tongue-in-cheek and no songs about metal works better for me. Songs like "Tears of an Old Wizard" are just awesome, epic and very metal. Recommended if you enjoy old school black metal, either of the early 2nd wave or before it.

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GREV kirjoitti...


Thanks for this upload brother! I have it already, ripped by my German Brother of Metal.

Actually my cousin bought this demo long time ago (1995?) and day after I heard this demo I have bought debut album which kicks ass too!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've got the debut too and it's great! I should buy "Hellfire's Dominion" ASAP, I recall that one was excellent as well. The later albums are good too and I'd love to see them live.