tiistai 3. kesäkuuta 2014

Blasphemous - The Obscurity over Golgotha demo 1995

Blasphemous - The Obscurity over Golgotha rehearsal demo 1995
1) Like a Howling Winter Wind
2) The Obscurity over Golgotha
3) Whispers from the Woods
4) I det dunkla skogsriket (In the Gloomy Forest Kingdom)

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I decided to continue with another black metal rehearsal recording, this time however we're back to a more popular scene, Swedish, and revisit an old acquaintance Blasphemous. A contributor sent me a few months ago this rip of their 1995 rehearsal demo, unfortunately without a cover - not sure if one even exists - so once again I'm using their logo as a placeholder. Thanks for the rip, you know who you are.

Soundwise (and musically) this is comparable to the 22.04.95 rehearsal tape, a little louder (due the rip) and slightly favouring the right channel but overall cleaner sounding than the other recordings I've heard were. It is still somewhat messy especially on the faster parts where they have a lot going on. But if you've read this far I guess you will not be fazed by little imperfections. Recommended if you enjoyed the other Blasphemous tapes, are a fan of 90's svensk svart metall or just feel like this would be a good time to start listening to old bm rehearsal tapes.

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