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Ancestral Goetia - Betray God, Hail Satan demo 1993

 Ancestral Goetia - Betray God, Hail Satan demo III 1993
1) Cursed Devoting
2) Niger Artium Mater

Yandex / RGhost

Black metal and another contribution, this is actually one of my requests fulfilled by a reader, thank you for sending this rip! I got interested in hearing the various bands associated with the cult French 'zine Stregoica (see here & here) of which the one with the same name contained most of the editorial staff and Ancestral Goetia here, as well as Necrodoom, were mainly Astaroth's projects with his brother Corvus Lucifuge, but featuring at least Satan Gestapo from what I gather from Belial's reviews (more like shameless praise) on issue 4. Or at least SG was a member of Necrodoom in the early period. Whatever the case may be, this is the third demo and source is a dub so no cover unfortunately and I'd like to get a scan if someone happens to have it.

This is a short demo with only two tracks (which were mistitled both in Metal Archives page and the files I was sent, Stregoica review had correct titles [/trivia]) running a bit over seven minutes. Belial cited Hellhammer as an influence on his review and gushed over the bad recording giving it an even more macabre aura and I guess I have to agree with him, the first track is indeed very 'hammeresque and the sound quality is ...necro. There are bits with synths, but mostly this is very raw, stripped down lo-fi slow/midtempo black metal. The second, shorter track starts fast and messy but cools down to midtempo churning again. I find myself enjoying this and would need the other Ancestral Goetia demos:
Prophets of Darkmoon demo I 1993 (4 tracks)
Mortal Tears of Desolation demo II 1993 (6 tracks, one is a Hellhammer cover)
Satan's Jester demo IV 1993 (3 tracks, one Bathory cover)
We, the Tribute to Lust demo V 1994 (10 tracks, one Mayhem cover - I have this but the rip is missing the last track!)
I also want the Stregoica tapes:
Infernal Torment to Dark Suicide demo 1992 (7 tracks, of which 4 are intros/outros, improvised stuff)
Promo/rehearsal II 1993 (intro + 3 tracks)
Promo/rehearsal III 1993 (intro + 3 tracks)
And the Necrodoom demo II "World Genocide" so get in touch if you have these recordings! For now, grab this one if you enjoy raw, doomy black metal ruckus.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Velkaarn: First, thanks to you and person who sent this to you. I have this, but lousy CD-R copy.

Second. I have some titles: AC: PoD - demo, Stregoica: Promo Rehearsal Tape 08/1993 (six tracks and 17:25 playing time). Also I have one Necrodoom's rehearsal tape (30/06/1990. 2 tracks and 04:02 playing time. I'm not sure what is this?)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh, that's excellent, I'm going to need those - the Necrodoom rehearsal I have too, two untitled tracks right?

GREV kirjoitti...

OK. I'll deliver those PoD & Stregoica tapes to you asap. Necrodoom's rehearsal tape is probably the same