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Hastur - Macabre Execution promo 1997

Hastur (ita) - Macabre Execution promo / advance tape 1997
Unknown Artist:
1) Untitled
2) Dance Macabre
3) The Execution

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The Coven needs your assistance once more, recently I was approached by comrade Profoundemonium who sent me this rip of the advance tape / promo by the Italian band Hastur, sent by the label Beyond...Productions back in the day. "Macabre Execution" was released in CD format in the same year, featuring the two titled tracks but this tape has one additional song by an unverified artist. It would seem most likely that this would be another track by the band themselves but it sounds quite odd and differs from the other two, so it could be another band on the roster just as well. P. has already explored several of the related artists and came up short. So, if you can identify this track and / or the artist please get in touch!

About the music then, the currently unidentified track is pretty short (might actually cut) and kind of jazzy, progressive piece. Somewhat unique and odd, but it has a definite metal base. Sounds somehow Italian to me and I would not disclose the possibility that it is the same band as later. One name that sprung to my mind now is Forgotten Silence from Czech Rep, need to dig up their stuff and see. To the verified material, these two tracks are pretty long, making the EP last over 11 minutes which was fair enough. Music could be described as technical black/death metal with both thrash and progressive bits in it. Synths add atmosphere to the music and it again has that certain Italian vibe to it. There is some tape wear to be heard in places but it's not too disruptive. Ok stuff but not really my preferred streak of sickness. Give it a try, it seems to grow on me with repeat listens too.

Flyer for the EP

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I just sent you an email with regards to a mixtape I have.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Ok, I'm off to read it then.

GREV kirjoitti...

Hmm... this unknown band sounds interesting...