perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2014

Freeze 2 - Finnish Electro-Industrial Documentary 1995

Various Artists - Freeze 2 - Finnish Electro-Industrial Documentary (1995)
1) Chaingun Operate - (Ogre) The Disk Killer
2) NYX - Carnival
3) Control Is The Key To - Kerosine
4) [Active] Media Disease - Blessing
5) Scoutgabe - Chosen Saint (Ground)
6) The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac - Underhygiene (Mediascape Edit)
7) Corporal Feast - E=D#Ø1
8) Neuroactive - Surface (Neurogenic Mix)
9) Disaster Village - Core Melt
10) Sweating Sickness - Oblivion
11) Nail - Destroy Your Own World
12) Shade Factory - Missing Again...
13) A-Tyd - Stroke by Stroke
14) Bulimia - Gde Ugodno
15) Feminine Fist - My Crystal Clit

Mediafire / Rusfolder

Here's something for you to chew on a Friday afternoon, another "...and now something completely different" post similar in spirit (and content) to Plastic Sampler here. Though not as gothic and much more electro-industrial (heavy emphasis on electronic). Ripped from a tape (caution!) which was dubbed from CD back in '97 or so, should be good enough quality. Cover images blatantly stolen from Discogs.

This compilation lasts just a bit over an hour which is a pretty heavy enough dose of this material to the uninitiated and probably leaves the cultists asking for more. I suppose I'm personally more in the middle ground here. I'm really, really poor with these subgenres so I don't think I'm going to humiliate myself more than necessary attempting to tell what's what, let's just say this ranges from danceable EBM to spaced-out electronic to cyberpunk electro-industrial to creepy bits. Besides I'm kind of busy today, got places to go and things to do. Recommended for people who liked Plastic Sampler and related posts already, feel adventurous and relatively open-minded or need music for their 90's goth-disco evening.

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