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Desecration - Satanas Occultas demo 1997

Desecration (swe) - Satanas Occultas demo 1997
1) Satanas Occultas
2) Burning Metal of Death
3) Seven Horsemen of Hades


I don't usually bother re-posting stuff that has been featured elsewhere, but occasionally I do exceptions and this handily fills the role of the weekend's start filler to boot. This is the 1997 demo of Sweden's Desecration, which was for quite some time on my wantlist, a reader sent me the link to this rip some weeks ago, thanks. Now I don't remember anymore why exactly I was looking for this, sheer curiosity after coming across the name somewhere? A request by a reader? Whatever the case, here it is now. As you may guess looking at the image up there, no cover scans, I'd appreciate getting them if you happen to have an original.

I don't know much about the band (or if I did, I've forgotten) but according to Metal Archives this is the only demo and it was a two-man band with the traditional roles of a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist handling the rest. Three short tracks, total playtime of just seven minutes guarantees you won't have time to get bored with them. Unless you can't stand this sort of music, in which case you're probably reading the wrong blog or at least entry. This sort of music means fast paced black metal with a hefty dose of thrash poured in. I'm actually tempted to call it straight black/thrash. Satanic lyrics leave it leaning more on the black side of the fence than many of their contemporaries who partook in the mid-90's retro wave. Had they released this a bit earlier they would've probably been signed by Osmose or someone. Ok stuff but nothing earthshaking plus my old animosity to the retro trend of old rises its head again so I can't say I'd really recommend it unless you really want to hear every Swedish 90's demo or are a huge fan of thrashy black metal. Likely to sound better when you're drunk.

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