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Apollyon - In the Moonlit Valleys unreleased demo 1995

Apollyon (den) - In the Moonlit Valleys unreleased demo (?) 1995
1) Shadow Shapes
2) My Sadistic Queen
3) Troldeskovens Aander

4shared / Rusfolder

Now that the easiest to find has been taken care of (see previous post) let's move to the more obscure fare provided by comrade Chris, this is again Apollyon of Denmark and what appears to be an unreleased demo recording from 1995. It was on the same mixtape as the '95 demo, unfortunately Chris could not find the sheet Azter sent him with the cassette which might have had more details so if anyone out there knows more please share your info with us! As you see the title track of the Troldeskovens Aander demo appears here too, while the other titles as well as the title of the whole recording are in English, a mix similar to the '93 promo which leads me to suspect this would've been recorded earlier in '95. If the biography is to be believed, they were pretty much inactive in 1994.

The sound is a bit rough, actually somewhat rehearsal-like but certainly good enough for a black metal demo. In a way it's actually a bit better than on Troldeskovens Aander as it doesn't get as cluttered in the faster sections and the bass is pleasantly audible. Music is similar to the official 1995 demo, generally midtempoish and atmospheric, though they do speed up a bit from time to time. Now that I think of it, given how well the bass can be heard, maybe this could've been recorded after T.A. when they let Korihor go and Azter joined? The second track ends sounding like the tape got wonky but I suppose this is special effects rather than an error. The version of Troldeskovens Aander here is shorter than on the demo and sounds better to my ear, the different elements are more audible and distinct thanks to the recording. So, recommendable especially if you liked them already and worth checking out even if you weren't that keen on the other releases. Again, any further information is appreciated!

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