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December Wolves - Rehearsal 1994

December Wolves - Rehearsal 1994
1) The Towers of My Cold Stone Dwelling over the Mountains and Cliffside Landscapes

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I wanted to do a post today but since I'm a bit in a hurry it's time for another short one, here's an item I've left festering in a crypt again for longer than intended, a 1994 one song rehearsal tape by December Wolves. I think this predates the demo, but since all info I had was "rehearsal 1994" I can't say much else. Tape trader loot as expected and there's no cover, I just felt like making a placeholder in the spirit of the "Wolftread" tape. The pic was one of the members but I forgot which one.

One song only, but since this is the longest of the old bits it's still ten minutes. Sound is good for rehearsal and all elements are in place. Obviously it's not as clear as the cassette EP version. If you've heard the other older DW stuff you have an idea what this sounds like. Ok, it's epic US black metal influenced by the Scandinavians, more old Satyricon than Darkthrone to roughly put it. I really need to get going, so I recommend more listening & less reading for now!

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