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Apollyon - Troldeskovens Aander demo 1995

Apollyon (den) - Troldeskovens Aander demo III (?) 1995
1) Ensomheden af en Frossen Skov (Intro)
2) Troldeskovens Aander
3) Vinternat

Mega / Zippy

Let us start this week off with contributions, this and several soon-to-follow ones were sent to me by comrade Chris who had decided to start ripping his stockpile of cassettes. The Coven's thanks to you, your efforts are appreciated! This is the best known demo by the Danish black metal band Apollyon who started in '92 as more death/black oriented, did some tapes and released a MCD on FMP back in '98 and that's pretty much it. Their personnel featured people who were involved with such bands as Brandpest, Goat Worship, Denial of God and Nortt to mention a few. This rip, as well as some other items, are from a mixtape our collaborator got from DoG/Horror Records' Azter back whenever. No covers then, an image from M.A. used once again.

This is not a very long demo, an intro and two tracks for a bit over eleven minutes, but enough to leave an impression. The intro is an atmospheric instrumental piece and feels short. The title track is shorter of the two proper songs and has quite a bit of synth going on the background. Fortunately it's not of the annoying circus variety, more Graveland than Tartaros. Despite being a studio recording, the sound is not very good, it's a bit muddled and things have a tendency of burying each other a little. Less noticeable on the last track which is slower in tempo and almost twice the length of the previous piece. The demo leans a bit towards the trollish/winter foresty side of 90's black metal which for others is a recommendation and some an instant turn off. I find it quite enjoyable as it's not as silly as most weather report recordings, has decent songs and the production is underground enough. But no need to heed my words, just take a listen for yourself!

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Hails! Nope, didn't have that one, thanks very much! Downloading now and will post it later, appreciated!