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Annwn - Promo-tape 1995

Annwn - Promo-Tape 1995
1) The Canticle - Part I (In a Forest of Shadows)
2) Midnight Ellapse
3) One Night on Raven Wings
4) The Dead Are Just... Sleeping!!!
5) In Cold Winter Darkness


I have a bit of catching up to do so without further ado, this is Annwn of Portugal whom the Metal Archives labels as "atmospheric doom/black metal" which at least on this tape is poppycock. The music is dark ambient/dungeon synth with some sparingly used vocals, reminds me actually quite a bit of the Balam/Laïlheb demos, especially the last track though generally not as obscure and morbidly tenebrous. Despite the name, not Celtic or in general folky either! Thanks to the contributor who sent me the rip, no covers though so we must make do with pitiful MA image.

Five tracks for 22+ minutes, so on the average quite typical metal song playtimes and nothing drags on for too long or ends abruptly. Sound is good and instrumentation is keyboards, guitar, possibly bass and like mentioned, some voices. It's a bit on the fence but I'll go ahead and call it dungeon synth rather than say black ambient which it does resemble too, it's obviously more about moods, atmospheres and such like things rather than rituals, invocations, séance or celebration of evil, though the last track begs to differ. I had forgotten about it, but looks like the hilariously titled The Dead Are Just... Sleeping!!! (which is also another standout track) was featured on the "Southern Assault vol.1" compilation CD. Though the running time listed on the cover there does not match what I have here at all... must examine further, perhaps it's a shorter version? Enough of that, this is pretty good and I wonder if the second (?) demo "The Canticle - part II" mentioned on the Archives page would be metal or more in the same vein. As usual, if you find yourself in possession of that tape get in touch with me!

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Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

Thank you on a side note - I am desperatly seeking two demos I used to own :

Othendara - Dae of Nox and Hammer of the Witches. If you can work your magic, I'll be in your debt. Did your parcel arrive?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and I'll see if I can do anything about the Othendara demos. Does not sound familiar but we'll see.

Yes, thank you, arrived actually already last week but didn't have a chance to pick stuff up till Monday. That's a lot of IS for one parcel!

jelly kirjoitti...

thanks a lot for this (and all the other stuff)! I have got the Southern Assault Vol. 1 original CD and the track which made it there is the last one from this promo: "In Cold Winter Darkness". someone swapped the titles perhaps.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, it wasn't uncommon at all for compilations in the old days to mess up like they did there. Thanks for reminding me, I never updated the post proper about it!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Both links here are dead!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've reuploaded it now.