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Congestion - Live at Lutakko 07-05-94

Congestion - Live at Lutakko, Jyväskylä 7th May 1994
1) Intro (Cold Wind Blues)
2) Throne of Dominating Force
3) Bed of the Ancient River
4) Burnt into My Mind
5) When the Sun Rises in the South
6) Wind Convoys
7) Unblessed

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More Finnish metal in co-operation with me and brother Grev (he dubbed, I ripped) this is once again Congestion, possibly the band with most place-holder covers on this blog. A gig performed at the well-known venue Lutakko in Jyväskylä, with a new keyboard player on board (trivia courtesy of stage banter, no actual personal knowledge!), they perform all the tracks from the '93 "Bed of the Ancient River" demo, two new (well, three if you count the intro which changed into an outro) songs which would appear on the '94 promo and an oldie Unblessed. Pretty good sound, though the start of the recording is a bit wonky but that gets better soon.

It's not a very long gig, I'm assuming they opened up for someone that Saturday or perhaps participated in some sort of event? Why am I making guesses, this is 2016, let's google... yeah, it was "Metal Up Your Ass" with Deceiver (apparently headliner? death/thrash), Scum (death metal, signed with Black Mark), our boys Congestion and Kansa Taisteli (an old punk band) and here's actually the poster:

Would be actually kind of neat to hear the rest of the bands if someone recorded the whole event. But I'm about to digress again so back to Congestion. If you've heard the demo material and/or Let Me Dream debut album you know what to expect: groovy and melodic doomy death metal with gothic touches (mostly the less-than-stellar clean vox and not-stellar-but-nice keys). It sounds quite pleasant live, I presume better still under the influence of intoxicants, mostly flows nicely. Not a horrible place to start listening to Congestion either if you're unfamiliar with them but got interested. After all I'm sure many people have gotten into bands with live albums, think "Alive", "Decade of Aggression" and "Live After Dead" for example. Not that this would be on par with those but you get the idea.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Indeed perhaps the most placeholder covers at the Coven, and it remains perhaps my favorite BM logo of all time. Haven't listened yet, just musing. Thanks for this and the spate of other recent posts. Thanks as always to Grev also.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I love that logo too, which may attribute to the tendency to use (the same) placeholder template for these posts! You're welcome and say, did you listen to Chronic Anguish posted recent...ish? I thought it might be odd enough to entertain you. Also I strongly recommend the Runemagic posts though for a different reason, it's just cool stuff.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks for the tips--I'll make note to listen to both the Chronic Anguish and Runemagic posts. Great to see you name drop Let Me Dream in the writeup for Congestion...

GREV kirjoitti...

Hails brothers Velkaarn & kingpossum.

You're more than welcome and if you need some LMD material (not listed on MA) just drop me a line!

Heavy February to all of followers of Mighty Asmodian Coven!

PS. Congestion is more than band for me. I used to friends with their drummer Janne Peltoranta (Rock In Peace brother) and I know also Jani (voc & gtr) & Marko (bass & voc)
Also, I have little story about Congestion. Their advert of Rumba's "pienet ilmot" where they've looking for a singer and I "catch the moment" because style description suits for me and their rehearsal place was near in Mäntsälä (my hometown).
I've never been part of the Congestion, but the guys of band (specially Janne) stays in my heart, trust & respect.

Heh, enough memories? :D

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Indeed, the Chronic Anguish delivers the kind of weird listening experience I enjoy. I must include Track 3 in the Christmas mix this year, maybe tuck it in as a bridge between Nat King Cole and Elvis, just to see who's paying attention. I hear some punky elements in the Runemagic. And given that I pay attention to bass parts the heavy bottom end kind of works for me. Thanks for the posts and the nudge to check them out.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for sharing, it's always nice to read some additional background to things and bands, at least in my opinions so feel free to put down some memories where appropriate!

Sure, additional non-album LMD stuff would be of interest too, live/rehearsal material I suppose? But we'll get back to that.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thought you might dig those ones and interesting plan for the Christmas mix if you actually go through with that. Were you familiar with (traditional) Finnish xmas songs I'd steer you to Viikate's "Vuoden synkin juhla" album but it sort of loses the appeal/effect without the groundwork so to say.

Now that you mention it, the punky vibe (often present in the early 90's/late 80's Swedish death metal in general) is definitely there for Runemagic and I neglected to mention it in the posts. Dang it.