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Krypteia - Hellenic Martial Virtue demo '04

Krypteia - Hellenic Martial Virtue demo 2004
1) Remembrances...
2) Wolf (Child of the Dead Ones)
3) Acherontas Dried Up for Us
4) A Storm That Sweeps All
5) Your Ashes in Tartatus Will Remain
6) ...of Times to Come

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Let's leap forward in time ten years (from the '94 of last posts not the present!) all the way to 2004 and down to Greece from where brother unholydeath's sending Krypteia hails. Thank you for the rip and scan! Krypteia was/is (? status unclear) a two-man unit featuring the former Stutthof drummer Thyrane Sigel, known also for doing live percussion for Der Stürmer and another fellow called Tyrtaios. The name of the demo and bands mentioned so far might give an idea what sort of stuff we have here; raw and warlike Hellenic black metal which pretty much translates as nsbm. Familiar names also pop up on the covers.

A martial intro and outro, four songs of medium running time. Very loud and booming, somewhat messy sound, I think it's ripped at slightly too loud volume (nope, was confirmed it's the mastering - most apparent on the intro and outro) which of course further underlines the violent nature of the music. Vocals seem to be quite heavily effected and end up buried in the wall of guitar and bass storm. It has variation, not just fervent fast-paced charge but can't still call it catchy and casual listening. For people into Hellenic traditions, name-dropped bands and raw black metal in general.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Very nice! One of my favorite scenes, anything from Greece is appreciated! Speaking of NSBM, did you get to check out Wolves Among Sheep yet? Very nice and highly recommended as far as black metal books go.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, Greek scene is consistently great throughout ages. Nope, haven't got Wolves... yet, wondering if I'd pick up a copy or just borrow it from someone. I've understood it should be above average as those books go.

P./unholydeath kirjoitti...

I must say that I never do the rips with levels clipping etc. So if the levels are compressed and loud it is the original mastering.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Alright, thought it might just be the mastering, it's more apparent in the intro and outro. I suppose they just slapped them on without worrying about their volumes that much.