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Chronic Anguish - I Was Heard from Within adv.demo '95

Chronic Anguish - I Was Heard from Within advance tape for demo 1995
1) Corpse, Blood, Swords and Victory
2) Violence
3) Killing for Pleasure

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Another Swedish advance tape, this is Chronic Anguish of whom I know really nothing apart from the Metal Archives entry and what I guess would be an advance tape for their second demo. Swedish, advance demo '95 and tracklisting is all the info I had. Not sure if the demo was even released in the end, if you know more feel free to share the information! Obviously no cover, took the logo from the '94 demo to decorate the post. Apparently this was a side project of the members from death metal band Measureless, possibly not very serious at all so the grimmest warriors may leave for now.

Three songs, the one with the longest name being the shortest, a brief and fast piece that still manages to have two distinct parts. It opens with what sounds awfully like one of those falsetto yells some thrash bands were terribly fond off and further vocals keep sounding more like thrash than black metal though some proper screams are present. The second half is suddenly... uh, dark ambient I suppose, with ominous keyboards and various more or less demonic sounds. Odd and somewhat unexpected! Second track is the longest one and most close to traditional black metal sound. The vocals sound more in genre here, with deep support growls adding to the old schoolish aura and main screams bordering on hysterical at times. Third song sports a familiar melody I don't right now identify, possibly a ...xmas tune? Growly vocals start and the black metal ones carry the portion where it gets more "normal" though that certainly does not stick ...this is starting to sound confusing and now I really want to hear the '94 demo. Strange nine or so minutes but not without merit. Recommended for those fascinated by odd things and/or obsessed with the old Swedish underground.

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I have no idea why I email you when this is just as effective, haha.

Great find - thanks. There's a parcel en route to you in the post. Have fun ;)

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Don't worry about publishing this, just wanted to let you know to check out #30 on the blog - it's probably the closest thing i've ever done to what you are aiming for, and I reckon you'll love it.