perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2016

Barathrum - Battlecry (Unmixed) demo '92

Barathrum - Battlecry demo II 1992 unmixed 1st version
1) Sacrilegium
2) Nocturnal Dance
3) Justice of the Shining Steel
4) Battlecry/Outro

Mega / Rusfolder

Today I decided to upload a sending by brother Grev, ripped by his comrade, thanks as always gentlemen and it is an item I was requested last year by a certain person, after a bit of deliberation I decided it'd be worthwhile to include it here as well. This is the first, so-called unmixed version of the second Barathrum demo "Battlecry" and I am sure most readers should be quite familiar with this band by now? The requestor provided me with a cover so it is included.

So what are the differences between the two versions, beside the cover? Well, this one does not have the rather dumb intro Epilogue the second has, cutting the playtime to roughly 18 minutes. Also the vocals are different, devoid of the overt pitch-shifting. Music sounds less muddled too, crisper and slightly... lighter? As in heavy vs. light not dark vs. light-way. Songs and music themselves remain the same but the changed sound affects the result a lot. I personally prefer this version over the second one. All of the songs reappear re-recorded on various Barathrum albums (1st on "Saatana", 2nd and 3rd on "Eerie" and 4th sans outro on "Hailstorm") but if you wish to hear them on rougher demo form I suggest this over the "mixed" version (actually this is mixed too, read the cover: mixed and produced by Sami Jämsen and the second version does not give any further info on it, but curiously changes the studio name from Sound Grinder Studios to Gothic-Sound and reduces Jämsen's role to "help" so there is that). JetBlackMetal!

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Eugene kirjoitti...

Hey there, Velkaarn! Do you know anything about Empire of the Moon - For the Ancient Light of SINN 1997 demo? Hellenic band, metal-archives description says that it "is an ambient demo", which means DS in many cases. Here's the cover
Someone sales it at Discogs for 18 euro, but that's a bit too much.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I was going to claim the title sounded familiar but then I realized I was just thinking of the old Kawir song so no, can't say I'd be familiar with that one! The cover looks gloriously cheesy, content must be pretty entertaining too. But I agree certainly not worth 18 euros. People ask ridiculous prices for shitty old tapes nowadays, thanks to analog trend I suppose!