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Bestial Summoning - Rehearsal 17/10/91

Bestial Summoning - Rehearsal 17th October 1991
1) Unholy Horde of the Abyss
2) Raping the Holy Virgin
3) Blaspheming the Church
4) Dark Metal
5) Demon Baptism in Hades
6) Pleasures in Sadism
7) Unholy Master
8) Sadistic Torture
9) Christ Impalement
10) Angel Rape I
11) Angel Rape II

RGhost / Mediafire

Long overdue, here is more Dutch black metal madness as promised, in the form of another rehearsal tape by the notorious cult of Bestial Summoning. This was also among the rehearsal and demo rips our brother Baldemar sent. Thank you! I hesitated to post this a little since it's been around with the same bitrate for several years, but then in the end decided to go for it. There was no cover, I just made up a placeholder with the same principle as last time.

Eleven tracks for over half an hour of music, comparable to their demo "Sodomistic Rituals" and notably all songs seem unique to this recording. At least going by the song titles (which The Unsane conveniently bellows out loud before each track) but then again they could've been easily renamed and reworked... or re-improvised? for the demo or album. The sound here is a little messier than on the '90 jam session. Generally this is similar, at least partly improvised ruckus as the rest of Bestial Summoning material, total unsane black metal filth not suited for the seekers of sophisticated black art.

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