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Mimir - Like a Dark Night of Winter demo '97

Mimir - Like a Dark Night of Winter demo 1997
1) Intro
2) Words of Wisdom Part 1
3) Like a Dark Night of Winter
4) Words of Wisdom Part 2
5) Written Chronicles of the Wood
6) Words of Wisdom Part 3
7) Battle Behind the Mountain of Frost
8) Words of Wisdom Part 4
9) Secrate Clouds Over the Temple of Ice
10) Outro

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Let's stray from the black metal path again for a bit, but not too far. Into the dungeons again, here is Mimir of Deutschland with their demo recorded at Pagan Art Studio in the February of 1997. Thanks to our brother LKS again for sending me the rip, which I separated into tracks, and cover scan. Mimir was a musical project of three men Astanoth, Octan and Nicron, which is slightly unusual, and very much connected to the black metal scene. This tape was also the first release of Fog of the Apokalypse which I presume to be the same entity as the still active label Fog of the Apocalypse. But that's enough speculation.

Half an hour of music is divided into ten parts, an intro, outro and four "Words of Wisdom" interludes, leaving four longer "proper" songs. Syntherizer sounds combine with live percussion, stringed instrument, some samples, sound effects, perhaps even actual field recordings and spoken black metal-esque voice, last notably only during the Words-parts. Reminds me of Olgerd a bit. It's generally more "foresty" and slightly folky than broodingly minimalistic and tomblike. I remember being initially more enthusiastic about this than today, but I am quite tired so I won't go further. Just grab this if old synth/atmospheric projects pluck your strings and ring the bells.

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Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

This goes hand in hand beautifully with the Pazuzu demo I just posted. Thank you, this is great.

Btw, I am trying to make my sources a little clearer on my posts as there's bit a bit of ambiguity as to whether or not the stuff I release is actually from my own collection.

I'd welcome your feedback privately sometime if you're willing to give it, as you have one hell of a great thing going here and I wouldn't mind some tips!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, it is an interesting tape for sure! Though not as great as another German synth tape I decided not to post as it's available through bandcamp these days, to my surprise!

Yeah, that Pazuzu demo is pretty cool, I remember enjoying it better than the Azag-Thoth material. Got interested in them after having read about them in Tales of the Macabre #1 back in '95 and got the demo from a trader. And sure, but as you've noticed I usually just mention the source in the first paragraph of text.