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Unholy Impaler - Collection of Mephistophilis (2000)

Unholy Impaler - Collection of Mephistophilis compilation tape 2000
1) Symphony of Abazea
2) Blasphemous Torment
3) Lord Impaler
4) Faustus' Last Hour
5) Black Vomit
6) Satan's Speech
7) Supreme Evil Event
8) Old as Death
9) Horror Village
10) Ritual Tribal Practice (Rehearsal)
11) The Horny and the Horned (Impaled Nazarene cover)
12) Black and Violet (Death SS cover)
13) Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
14) Dusk of Forgotten Darkness (Enthroned cover)

Mega / 4shared

Full, massive cover scan

Today we have a compilation tape ripped and scanned by Chris the other year, thanks again for your work! Unholy Impaler saw the unlight of the black moon as a side project of the band Infernal Goat, which frankly isn't really a much better known name to your humble scribe, in tribute to the chaotic spirit of bands like old Beherit and Sodom. I am slightly confused by the information within, tracks 1-6 are the first Unholy Impaler recording session 22/08/00 and the rest 2nd session 31/08/00 but then they are supposedly taken from earlier demos? I quote: "All songs recorded and stolen from the 4 witched tapes except track 10" - yet these are recording sessions 1 & 2??? How puzzling!

Let us not tarry gawking flabbergasted for too long, instead a few words about the music: it's raw and primitive black metal with a rehearsal sound, sloppy untight playing and casual tempo. There is a noticeable change between the two recording sessions, most notably the vocals are louder and slightly more abrasive on the second one. Track ten has pronouncedly shoddy rehearsal sound and is dominated by the vocals totally. The four cover songs, which actually offer a surprise or two, were side B of the tape to further distance them from the Original Content. Someone might say the songwriting would do the trick by itself. I enjoy parts of this tape but it's too long for one sitting at almost 40 minutes. If primitive black metal of death is your thing, give this a listen. Perhaps in two parts.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to point out that Chris' original scans were enormous so I decided to upload them separately so those with slower connections and/or no care for cover scans could grab the main course.

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