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Distortion of Evil - Rehearsal 1992

Distortion of Evil - Rehearsal Tape 3rd July 1992
1) Pluck the Strings
2) Fuck God

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Some of you might've noticed me and master Fenrirsson discuss a certain Danish entity in the shadowy corner of the last post... well, comments section really. And here we are presenting the '92 two-song rehearsal tape by Distortion of Evil. Probably their only release, which is a pity. Kulmar and Nomos of later Denial of God fame were members of the band, don't know much else really. No cover but the Metal Archives entry had a logo which I borrowed. Thanks again to F for sharing!

Two songs only, but both run over four minutes so it's a decent enough representation of their music which is vile and filthy, quite brutal black metal. The songs do have a surprising amount of stuff going on, it's not just breakneck full speed ahead ram their side-sort of carnage. Rehearsal sound here is somewhat chaotic and messy but you're able to hear everything you need and it's not really bad or more importantly weak so it'll do just fine. Brings the Emperor demo and rehearsal tapes to mind actually, which in my book is a plus. Recommended.

UPDATE: Brother Grev informed me of the date of recording which has been added. Thanks as always!

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GREV kirjoitti...


And thanks for these posts that you've made brother Velkaarn.

I'm nowadays too busy with my activities, but I have a good news for obscure/oldchool/underground/whatever maniacs. I've working on my music archives and I've found many release that could interest you :)

By the way. DoE rehearsal tape was recorded in 3rd of July 1992 just for information

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hails, good to read from you and especially about the archives progress!

Thanks for the further info, I gather you have this then as well? No cover though, I bet? By the way, noticed the Metal Archives listing has a different, pretty nonsensical title for the first track. How about yours, same as Fenrirsson's here?

Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Ahhh such a damned great release, and such a shame that there doesn't seem to be anything else. Though is it perhaps better for the fact that these stand alone as untarnished?

The listing on (ever reliable) MA appears like someone added it from another person's fucked up handwriting. I'm sure that we all remember in those old tape trading days where some people just never bothered to write things legibly, and some of the tracklistings that I've checked recently (ie a certain RC recording) confirm that. I was a fucking pedantic prick that used a typewriter.

I wonder if DoG would have ended up making decent stuff if Kulmar and Nomos stayed with them?

Oh, if you're really sure about wanting that Hazhelh material, I'll rip it. Although it's some 20years since I listened to it, my only memory other than the awful cover, was that it was exceptionally bad, even for that era of American BM (which never got much better anyway). Oh, and I'll get around to that Goat Emperor tape while I'm at it.

GREV kirjoitti...


Yes, I have it. I don't have covers and track list is very incomplete of version what I have. Sorry, but I can't help you for this question / covers

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Don't worry about it, I'm sure F's version is correct: it makes sense, the other not (though that's not always a guarantee!).


Thanks for the comments and indeed some people had hideous handwriting, it got extra challenging after more and more bands started to do titles in their native language and then you'd have some barely literate oaf scribble you an estimate what the words might be! I appreciated people who had typewriters, didn't have one myself but I took pains to write as clearly as possible.

Yes please, I know Hazhelh will almost certainly suck but I'm morbidly curious. I discovered that I had a dub of the second Goat Emperor demo after all but since you've an original tape I'm sure it'll turn out much better. Oh by the way did you do that Inverted Prophet demo you mentioned? The name caught my attention.