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Various Newsletters ('95 - '00)

Clavelline newsletter, issue 6 (21st March 2000)
Faerie folk, part one
+ contact addresses, reviews

Divine Blackness newsletter, issue 6 (1996)
+ news, reviews, Denial of God bio/newsletter March '95

Underground Scene Report newsletter, issue 14 (February 1995)
Lots of reviews


Remember when I said I'd make the next post "proper" last time? Well, I lied. I noticed I had scanned a bunch of small newsletters and put them in the same folder, then as usual forgot them lying on a corner of my desktop. I thought I might as well make a post of the three now. So here we have in alphabetical order and incidentally from the least pages to the most:
- Clavelline issue 6
An extremely minimalistic newsletter of two pages made by Radek "Jelly" Vicherek who probably did something else too but I can't remember what anymore. Nowadays seems to be a web developer, fun trivia. First page is basically a listing of addresses with short descriptions and a nude pic, second one has three (3) reviews which are pretty good and the article Faerie Folk (part one) which seems to be an alphabetic listing with brief descriptions of various fae creatures. I'm pretty sure I had another issue of Clavelline somewhere and it probably was similar to this but can't seem to find it. Might be imagining it. Perhaps someone else has other examples?
 - Divine Blackness issue 6
This was Impure Creations' (later Velvet Music) newsletter and I'm certain I had more issues but possibly forwarded them all. I also seem to recall it was called something else initially... Scarlet something? Anyways, they sent these to people they were in contact with and this has more interesting content. Four pages, first has a brief news section followed by short but interesting (mainly black metal) reviews, almost all are demos. Then two pages for a Countess interview made after the release of second album, decent if nothing that special and last page contains Denial of God's combined biography/newsletter dating to early '95. I suppose it's informative too.
- Underground Scene Report issue 14
Kind of a shame I didn't get more copies of this, wonder why not since it was practically free too. Made by a Dutch fellow Paul V.D. Burght this particular issue has six pages crammed full of reviews (of reasonable length) with separate sections for 'zines and compilations, plus a little Dark Records special and some ads. Plenty of logos here too. I'd like to see more issues if someone has kept them.

So there. Let's see what sort of an anomaly I can dig up next.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Interesting stuff...thanx for sharing!!
By the way, I know this is waaay off topic you have by any chance Iudicium 'The Onset' demotape?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, that was polite. ;)

Hmm, good question, I'm pretty sure I had that but can't seem to find it! Both albums yes, and the compilation tape whatever it was "May Will Be September - The Onset" and some Ork material too but can't seem to locate the demo. I fear it might've been one of the victims of the infamous external HD holocaust of a few years ago. I'll browse through a few burnt discs to see if it might've been on them.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

thanks, that's very nice of you!
Fact is i got my copy back in the days...and some days ago i found the front cover only (shame on me, indeed!!!).
btw, i'v got a bunch of old zine (near dark, stiff and cold, my dreamy woods, cancrena zine, uproar, hellraiser mag, rigor mortis, torvus zine/emotional phantasy), if you are interested in some of not hesitate and let me know!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


No luck with it so far, but I'll keep searching. Oh, I too know the pain of misplaced tapes and covers, I've more than enough unmarked cassettes and loose covers with tracklistings I don't seem able to match. Perhaps one day if I get fired I'll have time to do something about them.

Sure, I and many of the readers are very interested in 'zines. I recognize only Near Dark, Rigor Mortis and I think Uproar maybe by name, can you elaborate a bit? Everything is basically welcome but some items more than others! ;)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

thank for the effort, really appreciated!

Sure thing, I'll drop you an e-mail with some pdf asap!