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Malign - Live in Uppsala 1996

Malign - Live in Uppsala, Sweden 1996
2) Blod skall flöda
3) The Wanderer
4) Extirpation Of The Feeble
5) Covenant Of Black Souls


Here is a quick one and ironically an item I was looking for just a little while ago. Well, I found a rip on Metalarea forum but to my dismay it seemed to be incomplete as M.A. lists the release to have 5 tracks (the demo and a Mayhem cover, as seen above). However after a little more careful listen I noticed it was complete, just mistitled as "The Wanderer" and "Extirpation..." were as one track on the rip. I then decided to separate it into two tracks, correct the track listing and repack and upload the whole damn thing here. So, credits for the (good quality) rip to Келебрин, assuming it is his, I just "fixed" it. Thanks, man!

Something probably needs to be said of the music as well: Malign is a black metal band from Sweden, this is an early period live tape and as said above a good rip with decent sound. I think this was an official release. I don't have cover scans, those would be very much appreciated. Recommended stuff for black metal cultists!

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Misfits kirjoitti...

Great! Thanks for this one Velkaarn!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome Misfits! I was very pleased to find it.

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Thanx, too!!

Gutiérrez de Velasco kirjoitti...

hi wondering if you could please fix the link

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Sure, I'll reupload it elsewhere!