torstai 1. huhtikuuta 2010

Demysh - Demo I 1998

Demysh - Demo I 1998
With Bleeding Veins...
2) My Diabolical Dreams
3) In the Shadow of Evil
4) Nightmoon
5) Vision: Infernal


Another misplaced demo found, so as here promised I hereby give you the debut demo of Demysh. And seems like my mental images and vague memories were only semi-accurate: I might have liked this better than the 2nd demo back when I got them but now I seem to have a different opinion. The vocals are not that good - I quote the covers: "Cause of the lack of permanent vocalist, Vorak had to sing through distortion" - they're certainly not the worst vocals I've heard but clearly the weakest link of the demo. They work best on track 2 and track 4 which is really long. Music is ok, nothing really unique but not bad. The tape was less than perfect, unfortunately, but it's nothing really severe. Ok demo sound on the recording, actually you can hear all the instruments quite well and it's a little more balanced than the demo II. Not going to write a novel here, try it if you will.

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