tiistai 13. huhtikuuta 2010

Signum Diabolicum - Inkviziční Tortura demo 1999

Signum Diabolicum - Inkviziční Tortura demo II 1999
2) Rej Démonův
3) Intro II
4) Spřízněnec Cizincův
5) Intro III
6) Maleficium
7) Intro IV
8) Inkviziční Tortura
9) Intro V
10) Prokletí
11) Outro


Here you have the second and as far as I know last release of the Czech black metallers Signum Diabolicum and I think it's vastly better than the first demo I posted a while ago. For start the sound is much better and I enjoy music and general atmosphere more. It is still quite straight forward stuff with a kind of peculiar pace to it. You might also notice they enjoy intros. They were unnamed on the track list I got from my trader, but I decided to agree with M.A. and separate them from proper songs and slapped good old Roman numerals after them so those of you who might enjoy intros more than songs would be able to tell them apart better. Right.

Again no covers, unfortunately, but the sound is good and clear, even the bass can be heard without superhuman efforts. Good rip and a good demo. Recommended for people who enjoy Czech black metal, including those who didn't like the band's first effort, collectors of obscure releases and lovers of intros.

I'd be very pleased to receive the covers for this demo, or a band picture so let me know if you have them!

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