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Uzjal - Uzjal demo 1995

Uzjal (pre-LSSAH) - Uzjal demo 1995
2) Blood with Master's Hand
3) Runiert
4) Die Niederlage der Fahnen
5) Victorious Warfare
6) I'm the Executioner


Ok time to share more rarer material, here we have the only demo released (or unreleased actually) by the Polish (ns) black metal project Uzjal who changed their name to LSSAH (or L.S.S.A.H. if you prefer) later in 1995. I received this tape from a Polish trader friend of mine who was in contact with the band and told me not to trade this. I didn't, as long as I did tape trading. I got it without tracklisting of any sort and originally when I ripped this I just titled the songs "Intro" and I-V but after a more careful listen and a little bit research I noticed the first couple of songs were familiar to me from the LSSAH demo "...Ruhmreich" and that this recording seemed to be the same as the 1995 demo "1939" listed in M.A. for LSSAH. All I know for certain is that this was dubbed to me as Uzjal demo 1995, I'm guessing he just re-released this demo under the new monicker and new title after the change of name.

Even as M.A. lists this as rehearsal demo I must say the sound is no worse (assuming this is the same recording as the "1939" tape) than an average demo of the era. The drum machine is obvious but kind of fits the music and atmospheres here. Some synths are included and if I should compare this to other bands of this blog, an obvious pick would be saying it's somewhere between less raw and slower Hödur and less intricate Ecclesia Satani. Like I said the sound is not at all bad, I cleaned it up a little bit but didn't adjust much, it does tend to lean to the right channel when you listen to it on headphones, but that's kind off appropriate in this case. Puns aside, I think it's ok but I guess it could be squeezed into mono and divided evenly to both sides if bothered. There is a bit of fuck up on the dub during later part of the last song, but it's not major.

The ideological side is not as obvious as on LSSAH here, but it's still present. If that does not bother you, then download it as this is very much recommended for all into underground black metal!

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Xexanoth kirjoitti...

Holy hell, were did you find this man? Haha, this stuff must be super rare. Thanks for sharing.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome comrade Xex, and yeah I think it's quite rare.

I didn't dub it around when I tape traded 'cause I was told not to. But I think enough time has passed by now to make it available for listen don't you agree?

Xexanoth kirjoitti...

I see, and well, if its this rare, it was probably time, I agree.

These kind of stuff deserve to be shared because of their rareness and all, stuff back from the early 90's..