torstai 29. huhtikuuta 2010

Black Dawn - War Against Christians demo 1993

Black Dawn (fin) - War Against Christians demo II 1993
2) Eläköön Saatana!
3) Sodanjulistus
4) Forever Rotting Nazarene
Whore Of The Night
6) In Manus Tuas Satanas


I was surprised to not find this demo when I was looking for it on the inter nets. Happily I have an ok dub of it which I've now ripped and uploaded. Known first as Nocturnal Feast and later changed their name to The True Black Dawn after some dispute with US sue-happy wimps using the same name, this is the original band Wrath of Enochian Cresent was known for in the UG. Black Dawn was often in odds with pretty much rest of the Finnish black metal scene and made 'zine editors happy with the various feuds and quarrels they had with both domestic and foreign black metal bands and individuals. Just see the flyer I scanned and uploaded (another case of no covers - I'd like a scan so get in touch if you got 'em) down there.

Anyways all that is in the past and music remains: despite vehemently denying the black metal tag themselves, that's exactly what I choose to call them. Well, actually black/death metal to be more accurate. The intros and music remind me of old Impaled Nazarene at times and the whole sounds more Finnish than Scandinavian. It's about 50% death 50% black. Much more in the mid-speeds than the later material. Good, clear sound even if I wasn't 100% satisfied with my rip, the result should be ok - the "new" version is better (2012). Recommendable demo to all into old Finnish black/death metal, E.C. fans, demo collectors and the usual suspects.

UPDATE: I received word the Mediafire upload was corrupt (again, seems to happen often with Mf) so link removed. Use Megaupload. I'll re-upload when I feel like that.
UPDATE II: Megaupload was taken down and this rip lost when my external HD broke. Fortunately, I had made another rip of this in hopes of a better result. That one is now uploaded there.

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BiblicalPlague kirjoitti...

Thanks for the upload, Velkaarn! Matter of fact, I was searching EC-related stuff few weeks back. I found something from Nocturnal Feast, but this remained MIA. Back in mid 90's, I had some crappy old finnish zine (I still have it though), which had Black Dawn interview on it. Photo on that article was bit funny, Wrath raising inverted cross wearing corpse paint and some black metal "hardware". Other band members wearing ordinary clothes without corpse paint.
I have huge respect for Wrath for some reason, although he is bit too freakish.

P.S. According to NEF.VI.LIM, EC seems to be in great shape.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yeah brother BP, those old Black Dawn pictures often were amusing. There were several with Wrath in full black metal gear and the rest of the band looking extremely "civilian" and usually unenthusiastic. You found the Nocturnal Feast demo on your search?

Don't have NEF.VI.LIM yet myself but I'm going to order it next week. Looking forward to that.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thank you very much for uploading this! Much appreciated (as well as most of your other uploads.)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks & you're welcome! I'm trying to be a bit more active again next week or so.