lauantai 3. huhtikuuta 2010

Signum Diabolicum - Poselství demo I 1997

Signum Diabolicum - Poselství
demo I 1997
1) Gargan
2) Ušatý Radouš
3) Penetrace vyvolených
4) Krvavé zřeknutí
5) Kletba magistra Kelleyiho


As for today's upload, this is Czech black/death metal, short and sweet release, 5 tracks for just about ten minutes. Myths and occult themes mixed with more direct and brutal approach, judging from the song titles. And from what I could decipher from the lyrics. From a tape trader who also had sent me (quite good quality) xeroxes of the covers which I finally found* and thus promptly re-packed & reuploaded the damn thing. Fixed a typo too.

The dub & my rip are both good quality and music is quite unusual sounding black metal with death metal touches, very short songs (both sides of 2 minutes), bassy and pounding, mid-tempo rhythms varying between slightly faster and a tad slower. An obscure aura lingers above and around the musick, making it better for me than it actually should be. Recommended.

*I found them 20th April 2011 if you were wondering, reuploaded 22nd.

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