tiistai 13. huhtikuuta 2010

The Marble Icon - Queen Dowager demo 1995

The Marble Icon - Queen Dowager demo I 1995
Queen Dowager
2) A Tearful Sky
3) The Ending
4) The Marble Icon


I promised to upload this demo already weeks if not months ago to one of the readers, sorry about the delay but I had to dig up the cassette again as I hadn't a decent scan and the old rip was lousy so I went and ripped it again. For improved result, it's cleaner and volume is better balanced... Than on the other rip that no-one but me has heard, so who am I trying to convince?

The Marble Icon was a Swedish death/doom metal band and this is their debut demo from 1995, ripped from an original by me. I got the demo from the band in late 1995 I believe, the second demo wasn't recorded yet anyways. I was going to order that one too but apparently I sort of forgot about it. Shame, I'd like to hear it. They got a cool new logo for it and I remember reading a few positive reviews from some 'zines.

The content here however is not bad either, death/doom metal with bits leaning more to death even while other parts tend towards doomier sound. This mixture works well for a debut demo and sound quality isn't bad either. Most of the time the vocals are shouty/grunty death affair but occasionally he goes for cleaner doomy singing and wailing. Speed is mostly slower midtempo and the guitars have a very definite Swedish death metal sound to them. But you are probably by now listening to this so I'm stopping here, enjoy or skip it.

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Heathcliff kirjoitti...

Does you have the second demo of Prophecy (FRA), called "Jadis"?

Can you share it?

Thanks in advance

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I don't have it as original but I think I did have a rip of it somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.

† TST.LP † kirjoitti...

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Misfits kirjoitti...

Thanks Velkaarn! I wasn't the one that requested this demo, but was interested in hear how they sounded. Pretty good! And again, thanks for sharing all these gems and for taking the time to rip the cassettes, which takes precious time!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome Misfits! I think it was one of Raf's blog's readers who asked for this in the shoutbox over there. Hopefully the person noticed I finally posted it. I'm no good with requests! :P