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Belthan - Carpathian Curse demo 1995

Belthan (swe) - Carpathian Curse Demo 1995
Transylvanian Shadow
2) Sighsooara 1430
3) The Northern Belongs to Us
4) On Blackened Wings I Fly
5) Carpathian Curse


Here is another demo dubbed me by Grev, thanks man! I give you from Sweden, Belthan. Apparently a one-shot project, Belthan released only this demo as far as I know. I saw some requests for this and probably people are interested in this for the same reason I was: the line-up includes Mörk from the great Malign. I've preciously little info on the band beyond that, so any and all information is welcome and cover scans especially so! As you see I'm working with a shitty M.A. image again which in turn seems to be from eBay.

UPDATE: Image changed, comrade SuuretMuinaiset provided me with a cover scan which you can download from the 2nd link above. I didn't bother reuploading the whole thing this time.
UPDATE II: With Megaupload's demise the links were lost. Fortunately I got the rip itself back and it has been uploaded again, but the scan is lost for me.

The sound and rip quality are good and so is the music, good old Swedish black metal of the more raw sort. Pounding and wicked with some melodies too. Reminds me at times of the Throne Of Ahaz debut, old Marduk and Malign. Recommended, nothing more to add really.

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Okkultis kirjoitti...

Thank you very much for this old jewel and thanks for the zines too, terrific your work!

So, I see you looking for Fulgor demo alright? I found two of them but the quality... mmm, If doesn't problem to u, take a look(I hope you can use this russian host! otherwise tell to upload them in other host):

Fulgor - Mystical Black Magic Metal:

Fulgor - To Be One With The Stars... :

One thing else, if is possible can you post Prophecy - Jadis (1997)? It seems interesting I just enjoy Gorsedd demo. I would be grateful!

Take care

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks a lot for your comments and Fulgor links Okkultis! I've received a copy of "To Be One With the Stars" earlier but it's not very good quality. Hopefully this one will be better!

I have a copy of "Jadis" but it has very poor sound, very low. I'm not sure if I was ripped off and sent just a bad dub. I'll see if I can make a listenable rip from the tape.

Grev Krüger kirjoitti...

You're welcome Velkaarn

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Okkultis: I was pleased with the Fulgor demos - "To Be One..." was better than the version I had! May I ask where did you find them and would someone mind if I posted them here too?

@Grev: Enjoying the demo!

Olle kirjoitti...

Hi there...

I am the vocalist and lead guitarist on this demo....the drummer Demoniac sent me this demo in an email today, I havent heard it since 1998 so to find it on your website was pretty cool.

You got a good website going!

Olle kirjoitti...

Hi there,

I am Robban of Belthan, vocalist and lead guitarist I haven't heard this song in about 15 years, great that you got it on your website.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hi, thanks for your comments and great to see you approve of posting it! It was a good tape, there were no other releases, right?

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Demoniac here the drummer of this band...
No there was no other releses of this band... If you whant some more info mail me on this

Keep up the good work

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Any chance you could upload this again since the Megaupload link is dead?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


At the moment, no.

I quote myself:
"I was going to post this (and other stuff) sooner but the recent demise of Megaupload has complicated things a lot as not that long ago my external HD where I had all the stuff already uploaded broke and I had not yet had the time to download everything I lost again, meaning quite a few things are gone. So, I'd appreciate it if those who downloaded the things I had only on Megaupload could pack 'em and upload to Mediafire or something and send me a link - thanks in advance!"

This is one of those demos and all the other uploads of it I've found so far are dead. But I'll see what I can do, I'm not going to start ripping again all the ~100 items lost.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


It's been reupped, brother Grev saved my sorry ass and sent me the demo.