sunnuntai 14. marraskuuta 2010

Selbstmord - Rehearsal Track 12.08.1999

Selbstmord (pol) - Rehearsal Track 12th August 1999


Back to the rehearsal material, this one was ripped and contributed to the blog by a reader, thank you! He had received this track from Diathyrron as new Selbstmord material, untitled as of then. In the end it didn't appear on any Selbstmord release but years later evolved into the Ohtar track "Elite? Dust (Sometime...)" which was on their 2006 album "Petrified Breath of Hope".

This version is instrumental and naturally differs a little from the version recorded years later for the Ohtar album. The sound is very good for a rehearsal in my opinion (better than many demos and even some albums!), both dub & rip practically flawless and this is a killer track so go ahead and get it already if you're at all into this sort of material!

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