sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

Asafated - Kaybolmuş Masumiyet (1995)

Asafated - Kaybolmuş Masumiyet CassLP 1995
Lost Innocense
2) Lonely
3) Violent Desires
4) Humanity Landscape
5) Goner
6) Divine Suffocation
7) 7


Ok, let's do some death/doom for change: first here's the only full-lenght by the Turkish Asafated whose demo I posted earlier here. This album was released (as far as I know) only on cassette and my dub is probably from an original, courtesy of a tape trading. No covers then, so once again a M.A. image is used.

The sound is pretty good and so is the rip quality if you don't count a little flaw in the first track. The album contains the demo songs re-recorded and 3 new ones. Music is basically death metal, some tracks with doomy touches and generally more in the midtempo region. Lyrics would seem to be more at home in the death/doom category than true death metal if you know what I mean. Not a bad little album, give it a try if you liked the demo.

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